Институт Психологии и Психоанализа на Чистых прудах Кушетка для психоанализа

Reviews about the work of the Institute

With great gratitude listeners of the third year of correspondence course on the program "Theory and Technology of Modern Psychoanalysis" appeal to the leadership of the Institute, teachers and staff. We are very happy to be students of the Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis at Chistye Prudy.We are very pleased to attend seminars and listen to unique lectures on psychoanalysis and psychosomatics.Working in the Institute, we feel like we are changing ourselves.This is the end of our education, but knowledge and responsive people The institute will remain in our hearts forever.With great pleasure we will continue to attend seminars organized by the Institute!


Recall of students of the 3rd year of correspondence department on psychoanalysis, January 25, 2016.

I want to express my gratitude to the creators, managers and faculty for the openness, generosity and friendliness in dealing with like-minded people, in the common goals of promoting and developing psychoanalysis in Russia ...


Reviewed by Alexey Savchenko, November 18, 2015

The institute employs wonderful, humane, benevolent teachers. Special thanks for the seminars that you organize, for the efforts that you put all the years to share knowledge with everyone who is interested. For your generosity, for accessibility and openness, for educational activities. You dispel the darkness and gloom of our hearts and souls with your warmth and light.


Reviewed by Nelli Sosnovskaya, November 16, 2015

Many thanks to the Institute for the work it does, for the seminars and meetings with world-class specialists, for the opportunity to study remotely. Thank you, dear colleagues, for your work. Meeting with you is a great success and pleasure for me!


Reviewed by Ella Kosareva, November 11, 2015

In my review, I will not write about how comfortable the institute is, how warm and friendly the atmosphere and attitude towards students is, that the teachers are cute and pretty - many colleagues have already written about this. Today I want to write about a friend:

1. Students of the institute receive quality knowledge - and this is of paramount importance!

2. Since the groups are small, in almost every lecture there is a place not only for theory, but also a workshop is applied, where each student can express his opinion on a particular case or issue.

3. The teachers of the institute constantly improve their level of knowledge, undergo their own analysis and are supervised by the French classics of modern psychoanalysis.

4. Organize retreats by French training analysts on the basis of the institute, which makes an unintelligible contribution to the development of Russian psychoanalysis.

5. Organize Skype-seminars with the participation of French training analysts, which allows to expand the audience to the size of not only Russia, but also Russian-speaking analysts of the world.

6. Students who have been trained in one of the proposed programs, after graduating from the institute, have the right to attend any lectures of the institute teachers for free.

And today I sincerely thank the teachers of the institute for the knowledge I gained. Special thanks to Larisa Ivanovna Fusa and Aurelia Ivanovna Korotetskaya. Today I appreciate every minute of communication with these teachers. And this is not just a song of praise, today I have something to compare with. Being overseas, I say with full responsibility that the level of teaching at the institute is high and not inferior, and I would even say to a certain extent superior to the teaching methods of the local teachers.

I can not say about the secretaries of the institute - Olga and Irina. Their work, perhaps at first glance, is not noticeable, but they put a lot of effort into their daily routine activities. And each seminar is a responsible approach to the preparation and holding of the seminar.

Good luck to all - teachers of the institute, students - graduated, present and the lucky ones who still have to be students of the institute, as well as working bees, secretaries - Irina and Olga !!!


Review of Larisa Lyutikova, November 9, 2015

In my opinion, the institute performs missionary activity.

Like the missionaries who teach literacy to primitive tribes, the institute program introduces the notion of individual personality psychism into our modern culture.

Friendly atmosphere, interesting classes, seminars under the guidance of leading teachers - all this will forever leave a mark on your psyche.

And the ground for reflection ...

Review of Julia Zubkova, November 1, 2015

This is indeed a psychoanalytic institute, the healthiest and most advanced in psychoanalysis, and not in ambition.

Valeria Tomak, October 31, 2015

Studying at the institute is an opportunity to study psychoanalysis inexpensively. The situation at the Institute at the lectures is conducive to reflection and discussion.

Each student is surrounded by understanding and support. An individual approach to each listener allows you to get a deep understanding of the mental structure of the individual. Already in the process of learning, the student gets the opportunity to conduct psychoanalytic oriented counseling on the program of "Social reception".

Studying at the "Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis on Chistye Prudy is exciting, useful and inexpensive. Teaching Psychoanalysis is a" ticket "to a new interesting profession!


Olga, a graduate of the Institute, October 30, 2015