Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis at Chistye prudy Couch for psychoanalysis

Faculty members of the Institute

Lora Fusu


Fusu Larisa Ivanovna - Psychiatrist, MD, Ph.D., psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapist, Ph.D. Studi groups IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association).




Aurika Fusu


Korotetskiy Aurelia Ivanovna – a psychiatrist, psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist; a laureate of the state prize of the Republic of Moldova for the best scientific work in medicine (1992).





Pavlikova Natalya Alexandrovna – graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2002 (Faculty of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology). The Institute of Analytic Psychology, “Practice of Jungian Analysis and Analytic Psychology”. The Moscow Association of Analytic Psychology, “The Training of Trainers”, “Game Therapy”. Since 2006 a participant of IAAP in Saint-Petersburg and a participant of workshops and trainings on different trends and themes in psychotherapy.




Chursina Elena Alexandrovna – a psychologist, psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist, member of the Society for Psychoanalytic Investigations, a specialist of the highest category of the Center for Psychological and Educational Rehabilitation and Correction “Na Snezhnoy”.






Baruzdina E.B. – a psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist, a clinical psychologist.







Chibis Vitalina – Candidate of Medical Sciences, psychoanalytically - oriented psychotherapist, a candidate member of the International Psychoanalytical Association.





Valery Miller – Psychologist (Jungian Analysis) certified programs in Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork (USA), Hypnose Clinique et Therapies Ericksoniennes (France), Past Life Regression Therapy (USA), a member of the ACCI. Delfinoterapevt, host of "The psychophysical rehabilitation of children with disabilities with the participation of the dolphins." Author and presenter of workshops on the diagnosis and therapy with a drawing mandalas. Leading regional workshops on prevention and social - of disease and dealing with crisis.




Raikova Elena – A clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, Ph.D. in Psychology and Philosophy. Certified in Gestalt therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, psychotherapy, systemic family of Bert Hellinger, institutional and systemic counseling Jungian psychotherapy. Author of 4 textbooks and over 20 articles on psychology and philosophy. Full member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League. Supervisor.





Irina Moiseeva – a methodologist of the Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis at Chistye Prudy.